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Grow your ambassador program, authentically

Is it possible to save time, optimize your internal resources, and drive revenue without sacrificing your authentic relationships? Yes, it is! Ambassador Hub empowers you to discover talent, recruit confidently, optimize your bottom line, and maximize your return.
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Community-driven revenue

Create an authentic community that generates meaningful revenue for your brand.
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Seamless communication

Forge genuine partnerships with your ambassadors through our easy-to-use messenger.
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Hassle-free payments

Send fast, direct ACH payments, and enjoy our no-stress tax documentation/filing process.
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Authentic ambassadors

Tap into existing customers and our database of over 5 million vetted ambassadors to grow your program.

Customized for your needs

A branded experience that feels like you (because it is)

We understand how important it is to start on the right foot with potential ambassadors. Tell your brand story and set the tone for your community with our completely white-label experience, hosted on your domain.

Customizable application forms

Leverage our custom application forms to better know potential ambassadors by asking the most important questions to your brand.

Create a shoppable experience

Arm your ambassadors for success with accessible product content, discount codes, and referral links.

Request a callback

Switch to the industry’s leading ambassador platform today

Dynamic messaging for constant communication

Direct & community messaging

Build real relationships with your ambassadors. Leverage our group messaging capabilities to broadcast your company announcements or interact directly with ambassadors as needed.

Create relevant groups

Segment your community into custom groups aligned to your business. Group names are private and aren’t visible to ambassadors, allowing you to organize your community better and tailor your messaging.

Payments made easy

Handle all types of payouts, all in one place

Bespoke payment structures

Pay your talent the way you need to. Options to pay via flat fee or on performance, our solution makes it simple to pay your ambassadors.

Track content & monitor performance

Analyze ambassador success

Review each ambassador post to monitor performance. Analyze engagements, views, and engagement rates for each ambassador or individual post.

Ready to get started?

Our product suite has helped many brands like yours drive profitable influencer and ambassador programs. Click the link below to find out how we can help your business.
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We are desperate to make our clients succeed. Our team of experts will partner with you to achieve your goals and reach new heights.
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