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The #1 solution for brands looking to build their ambassador programs, maximize their influencer marketing, and increase their revenue.


Technology to drive growth and tell your story

Find the best influencers and ambassadors for your brand. Create impactful content at scale and measure real ROI. Our suite of tools supports you from discovery to payments.
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Build a community

Create a white label experience on your brand domain for your ambassadors.
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Manage your community

Discover ambassadors, share brand messages, launch campaigns, and more.


Tap our team of industry experts. We guarantee ROI.

Need help growing your ambassador program? We got you. Need help contracting celebrities for a product launch? We’re on it. Need help creating custom boxes and shipping to influencers? Yup, we can.
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Guaranteed applications

A custom-built growth playbook for your brand that will guarantee growth and revenue.
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Tap into existing customers

Our team will find existing fans and turn them into revenue generating monsters :)

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Why Current

Whether you're using our technology or we are managing your services, we ensure our clients win.

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Powerful Database

Find the creators that will help your business grow from our library of over 5 million influencers (and growing).
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“The 51% rule”

We believe our clients should always get more from our partnership than we do. And our clients love us for it.
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Nimble minded

You don’t have to get ready if you stay ready, and we stay ready by delivering an average of 8 new product features monthly.
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Measurable results

We stand behind our numbers and our solutions. We power over $10M in ambassador and influencer payments each month.