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Get ready to watch your TikTok Shop boost your sales big time. We’ll help you kickstart, manage, and scale your Shop fast. Don’t miss out on the action.

A quick intro to TikTok Shop

What is TikTok Shop?

TikTok Shop is a set of ecommerce features built natively in TikTok’s app that enable brands to promote and sell their products directly to TikTok users. This includes features like product catalogs, a new Shop tab, an affiliate marketplace, and the ability for brands and creators to post shoppable videos and livestreams.  

The TikTok Shop opportunity

With the success of trends like #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt and modeled after success in other markets, TikTok Shop is poised to become a giant in global ecommerce. We’re talking billions of dollars here. You’ll want to catch this opportunity early and we’ll make sure you have the best chance at success.

70% of TikTok users discover new brands and products on TikTok.
3 in 4 TikTok users are likely to buy something while using TikTok.
83% of TikTok users say it plays a role in purchase decisions.


Take TikTok by storm with Current

TikTok Shops could be the next big growth unlock for your brand. We want to unlock it for you. Here’s how we do it.

Content creation at scale

Your TikTok Shop is only as good as the content you build to support it. We are experts at managing large creator programs and getting high-performing creator content at scale. Our proven playbook will get creators promoting your TikTok Shop in no time. 

TikTok Affiliates management

Anyone that has tried influencer marketing knows how challenging it can be to find, recruit, and manage creators. We’ll help you navigate the nuance with TikTok’s Affiliate platform and land perfect affiliates that are excited to promote your brand.

Technology & operations

We see brands frustrated by misconfigured TikTok Shops, struggling to integrate platforms like Shopify, and keeping up with what works with TikTok. We’ve got you covered. You’ll also get access to the Current Platform setting you up to expand to omni-channel.

TikTok Shop advertising

We can boost the best content from creators even further by managing TikTok Ads for your Shop, driving views to livestream landing pages, and making sure you see a strong ROAS.

Product fulfillment

Current is part of the largest e-commerce accelerator in the world, Pattern. You’ll get access to Pattern’s suite of services like Order Fulfillment and more. We can take care of everything.


QuickStart Package

$ 2,500 Monthly
  • TikTok Shop setup
  • Up to 5 SKUs added to product catalog
  • TikTok Affiliate account setup
  • 50 targeted affiliates contacted/month

Foundation Package

Contact Us
  • TikTok Shop setup
  • Up to 10 SKUs added to product catalog
  • TikTok Affiliate account setup
  • 5 brand channel posts/month (30 total) via microcreators (no follower guarantee)
  • 250 targeted affiliates contacted/month
  • 15 guaranteed affiliate posts/month
  • 6-month Current license

Splash Package

Contact Us
  • TikTok Shop setup
  • Up to 25 SKUs added to product catalog
  • TikTok Affiliate account setup
  • 5 brand channel posts/month (30 total) from established creators (min 10k followers)
  • 1 creator-led livestream/month from VIP creator's channel (min 100k followers)
  • Guaranteed 100k same-day impressions to livestream landing page
  • 500 targeted affiliates contacted/month
  • Up to 2 creator personas
  • 25 guaranteed affiliate posts/month
  • Option for Order Fulfillment via Pattern's Order Fulfillment Services
  • Media credit of $1k/month to boost high-performing content
  • Unlimited TikTok Shopping Ads managed by Current at 3% of media spend (after media credit is used)
  • 6-month Current license

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